One from the readers of my previous article commented: “While I do not know everything, I do know what I know.” Despite my admission that legal assistants do not know everything associated with law, you’ll find circumstances during which we do know everything.

Legal assistants will be the detailers from the legal profession. We increase the risk for attorney’s vision with their solution with a client’s problem arrive at fruition. We get ‘er done.

Many attorneys only understand their part in the operation, e.g., doling out legal counsel to the consumer, representing the consumer in court, and wording documentation to best represent the buyer, etc.; however, it doesn’t always see the details in the process for example proper formatting/dissemination of documentation, which documentation could well be most efficient to serve the buyer’s needs, etc.

On the other side of this equation is the customer’s misunderstanding of an legal assistant’s role within their case. Clients often only consider us obstacles by questioning us, our knowledge, and our methods – they may sometimes even flat out argue around. We take into account that you’re obsessed with your case and desire it done the method that you want it done; however, whatever you may view being a simple straight line from A to B actually requires detours through A(1), A(2), A(3), and so forth.

You have entrusted the attorney you hired to represent you for the best of these ability. The attorney has entrusted the legal assistant(s) they hired to assist them accomplish their end goals. Legal assistants are constantly honing their red tape cutting skills to your fine edge and, while individual methods are vastly different from office to office, it’s well known what we are going to do… at the least most with the time.

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Heather Carr can be a Legal Assistant, Bookkeeper and Office/Marketing Manager while using law firm Hunt & Associates, PC in Portland, Oregon. She is experienced and familiar with the fields of civil litigation, contracts, business law, family law, elder law, probate, estate planning, accidental injuries,

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