There are some people who save money for a decade to buy a car of their choice. They save every penny of their hard-earned money for years as they build up their wishes and desires to one day own the car, they like the most, because cars aren’t cheap. What happens when that car gets stolen? The owner’s heart breaks into small pebbles, that’s what happens. Therefore, you need to take certain measures to keep your car safe from all harms.

Vehicle tracking systems are a boon from modern technology that allows us to track our cars in case they go missing. There are various types systems related to vehicle tracking. They are:

CELLULAR VEHICLE TRACKING SYSTEM:The cellular systems related to vehicle tracking is used to track your vehicles with help from your cell-phone. Everyone nowadays has a cell phone at their disposal, and the cell phones can be easily used to track the whereabouts of your vehicle. It is not a very technologically updated or advanced system, like the rest, but with a monthly fee, you can have this easy vehicle tracking system on your phone.

WPTS VEHICLE TRACKING SYSTEM:WPTS stands for Wireless Passive Tracking System for your vehicle. For this vehicle tracking system all you have to do is pay the fees once upon purchasing and installing it on your vehicle. This system consists of both hardware and software and a database. There is a disadvantage of this system though. You can only access the data once the vehicle has been home.

This system is unfortunately not reliable in times of emergencies, like road accidents or thefts, and doesn’t provide real-time tracking for your vehicle. Yet you can add an additional model that you to track the vehicle live along with the speed and the whereabouts of the vehicle, anywhere anytime.

SATELLITE-BASED VEHICLE TRACKING SYSTEM:This system is extremely expensive for your vehicle. There is a monthly service fee. Several shipping and trucking companies prefer this kind of tracking system because it gives them a clear picture of the whereabouts of their vehicle or their fleet, even in places with zero cellphone coverage. Audi TT Leasing


There are certain things that you must keep in your mind before choosing a vehicle tracking system.  Some of those things are:

If you want your trackers to be visible. Some of the trackers are visible and you can choose the type of trackers you want for your vehicle depending upon their visibility.

The amount of money you wish to spend on your vehicle tracking system. There are quite different kind of tracking systems which you can choose from. All these different systems require different amount of money, some require a monthly fee while some require a huge amount of money for the purchase and the installation of the device. Used Toyota Corolla Car

If you want your vehicle tracking system to be active or passive etc.


These are the essentials and the various types of vehicle tracking systems you must keep in your mind if you want to purchase one.

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