Real-time vehicle GPS Trackers have different laws that consist of state to state. Each state incorporates a different law, making it important to consult with a lawyer to make certain placement of the GPS won’t have legal issues.

General laws

It is mostly legal to train on a GPS Tracker when you or the organization own the automobile that is being tracked, or when you are web-sites the asset.
It can be usually legal in the event you are tracking your child that’s under the age of 18.
Usually, it truly is legal to follow a car or asset for legal repossession in case of a loan or default.
It is frequently illegal to employ a tracking device in the event you are not the owner of the auto or should you are tracking a partner in their own car.

Laws within the state of Florida

The state of Florida has tracking laws that may be different from other states.

Florida established a different statute which make it illegal for an individual to place a tracking device unless you’re owner of the auto.

The exception to the law is often a parent who’s going to be the sole guardian of the child, or if single parents consent to position a tracking device to watch their child.

Another exception to the law can be a person that has a disability. This can provide an Alzheimer’s patient or somebody struggling with dementia.

Using a GPS Tracker illegally in Florida is often a second-degree misdemeanor. This can produce an excessive fine or around six months of prison time.

It is very crucial that you verify your state laws just before placing the tracking device. Each state has unique laws so though it may be completely legal a single state, it could potentially lead to incarceration in another state.

The general principle is that if your vehicle is in completely as part of your name, you will be permitted to position a GPS Tracking device to monitor the auto. However, when you are placing the GPS Tracker on somebody else’s vehicle, it’s most likely illegal and may result in a fine or it could be even prison time.

Again, these laws are state specific therefore it is very crucial that you consult legal counsel prior to getting a tracking device. The laws may also be constantly changing in most specific state from the U.S., and it is crucial that you check your state laws before purchasing and activating any GPS Tracker.

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